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Nevada Medical Marijuana Doctors

Written certifications, issued by attending healthcare providers and stating their patients have certain debilitating conditions, are required to legally access medical cannabis in Nevada. However, only licensed physicians in good standing with their professional Boards can recommend the use of cannabis for medical cannabis treatment in the state.

Do You Need to See a Medical Marijuana Doctor in Nevada?

Yes. Per NRS 678C.220, anyone who qualifies for medical marijuana in Nevada must see their attending health providers, who will issue written documentation affirming they have been diagnosed with eligible conditions. This also applies to minors under 18 with qualifying medical conditions in the state.

What Doctors Can Prescribe Medical Marijuana in Nevada?

Nevada medical marijuana doctors may only recommend medical marijuana, not prescribe it. Under the state's medical marijuana laws, only doctors of osteopathy (DOs) and doctors of medicine (MDs) who are licensed to practice in Nevada can recommend medical cannabis treatment in the state. Such healthcare practitioners must also be in good standing with their state's boards.

Does Nevada Provide a List of Licensed Medical Marijuana Doctors?

No. Nevada does not have a database of medical providers who can recommend qualifying patients for medical marijuana or issue signed Attending Healthcare Provider Statements.

How to Find Nevada Medical Marijuana Doctors Near Me

Attending physicians licensed as DOs and MDs in Nevada are authorized to recommend their patients for medical marijuana if they qualify for medical cannabis treatment. Such patients only need to initiate the discussion with their attending healthcare practitioners.

Can the Appointment with a Nevada Medical Marijuana Doctor Happen Online?

Yes, physicians licensed to practice in Nevada can provide healthcare services, including holding medical appointments with patients with qualifying medical marijuana conditions, through telemedicine in the state. Per NRS 629.510, healthcare services provided via telehealth are as effective as those provided in person. Consulting with Nevada medical marijuana doctors through telemedicine improves the quality of healthcare provided to qualifying patients, regardless of the distance between medical providers and patients within the state. It also lowers the cost of healthcare.

How Much Medical Marijuana Can a Doctor Prescribe in Nevada in 2024?

The maximum amount of usable medical cannabis a qualifying patient can possess with the recommendation issued by a Nevada medical marijuana doctor is 2.5 ounces.

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