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How Much Does the Nevada Medical Marijuana Card Cost?

The Division of Public and Behavioral Health (DPBH) of the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services administers the state’s Medical Marijuana Cardholder Registry. Patients applying to join the state’s medical marijuana program must provide Attending Physician’s Statements along with their application forms and fees. They can also designate caregivers during the application process. Nevada charges an application fee, a registration fee, and a MMJ card fee for patients joining its medical cannabis program. Caregivers only need to pay for their medical cannabis cards.

Cost of Physician Consultation

The Nevada DPBH only accepts physician’s statements issued by state-licensed medical doctors (MDs) and doctors of osteopathy (DOs) in good standing with their respective professional boards. Patients must schedule appointments with such physicians to obtain written statements recommending them for medical cannabis use. The attending physician must confirm that the patient they are certifying has one of the debilitating qualifying medical conditions recognized in Nevada for medical marijuana use. The physician may charge a consultation fee for the appointment leading to giving a patient this certification. The cost of such a doctor's visit is usually between $100 and $400.

Nevada Medical Marijuana Card Fee

To obtain a medical cannabis card in Nevada, a patient must request an application packet from the DPBH. This costs $25. After completing the packet and including the required documents, the patient may submit their application in person or by mail. Each application must include a $50 registration fee for a 1-year registration or $100 for a 2-year registration as determined and specified in the applicant’s physician statement. This fee is expected to cover name-based background checks on the applicant and their designated caregiver. If the check returns inconclusive results, the DPBH will request the patient and their caregiver to provide complete sets of fingerprints. The Division sends an acceptance letter to a successful candidate, which they must take to the Nevada DMV location, specified on the letter, to obtain their registry ID card. The cost of a patient or caregiver medical cannabis card obtained from a Nevada DMV is $13.50.

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